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ДЕньги за онлайн

Добрый вечер,может кто-нибудь встречал такой скрипт что дает игроку определенное количество денег за час онлайна на сервере,у кого есть, кто может поделиться?

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3 answers to this question

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думаю разберешься

Пожалуйста, Войдите или Зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы увидеть это: Вложение.

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ну думаю его и сделать самому не сложно. Достаточно лишь при его заходе на сервер добавлять Variable на его персонажа с серверным временем, ну и повесить в фоне цикл, проверяющий всех игроков и сверяющий серверное время в Variable и текущее, мол если больше часа, добавить на счет игрока столько то копеек.

Только сомневаюсь, что это на эпоч моде не будет дисбаллансом

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  • Similar Content

    • By TheFirstNoob
      Описание: Дает определенное количество денег за убийство игроков и/или зомби
      Автор: oldmatechoc (Epochmod.com)
      ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО: Монетная валюта (ZSC!)
      1. сompiles.sqf (из dayz_code\init)
      2. local_eventKill.sqf (из dayz_code\compile) - Если даем зомби
      3. player_death.sqf (из dayz_code\compile) - Если даем игроку
      P.S. Иные файлы где используются выше сказанные. Например: infistar (AH.sqf)

      Установка (За убийство Зомби):
      1. Поменять путь до файла local_eventKill.sqf в сompiles.sqf
      local_eventKill = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_eventKill.sqf"; Заменить (Поменять на свое!):
      local_eventKill = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Ваш путь (Например Fixes)\local_eventKill.sqf";
      2. Заменить содержимое файла local_eventKill.sqf на это:
      //[unit, selectionName, damage, source, projectile] //will only run when local to the created object //record any key hits to the required selection private["_killer","_humanity","_coins"]; _array = _this select 0; _zed = _array select 0; _killer = _array select 1; _type = _this select 1; if (local _zed) then { _kills = _killer getVariable[_type,0]; _killer setVariable[_type,(_kills + 1),true]; //increase players humanity when zed killed _humanity = _killer getVariable["humanity",0]; _humanity = _humanity + 5; _killer setVariable["humanity",_humanity,true]; //add coins to player for zed kills _coins = _killer getVariable [Z_moneyVariable,0]; _coins = _coins + 250; // МЕНЯЕМ КОЛИЧЕСТВО ДЕНЕГ НА СВОЕ! _killer setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_coins,true]; }; Готово!

      Установка (За убийство Игроков):
      1. Поменять путь до файла player_death.sqf в сompiles.sqf
      player_death = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_death.sqf"; Заменить (Поменять на свое!):
      player_death = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Ваш путь (Например Fixes)\player_death.sqf";
      2. Заменить содержимое файла player_death.sqf на это:
      private ["_killer","_coins","_ammo","_body","_distance","_infected","_playerID","_sourceName","_sourceWeapon","_sourceVehicleType","_isBandit","_punishment","_humanityHit","_myKills","_kills","_killsV","_display","_myGroup","_camera","_deathPos","_animState","_animStateArray","_animCheck","_source","_method","_realSource"]; if (deathHandled) exitWith {}; deathHandled = true; // Get reference to player object before respawn into new unit (respawnDelay=0 in description.ext) if (typeName (_this select 0) == "ARRAY") then { _body = (_this select 0) select 0; _source = (_this select 0) select 1; } else { _body = player; _source = _this select 0; }; _deathPos = getPos _body; _playerID = getPlayerUID player; //Switch view to camera so player does not see debug plains at respawn_west _camera = "camera" camCreate _deathPos; _camera camSetDir 0; _camera camSetFOV 1; _camera cameraEffect ["Internal","TOP"]; _camera camSetTarget _deathPos; _camera camSetPos [_deathPos select 0, (_deathPos select 1) + 2, 5]; _camera camCommit 0; //SetDamage immediately so Arma registers the player as dead and respawns them into new unit player setDamage 1; if (dayz_onBack != "") then { _body addWeapon dayz_onBack; }; //Get killer information immediately. Weapon, distance or vehicle can change in seconds. _infected = if (r_player_infected && DZE_PlayerZed) then {1} else {0}; _sourceName = "unknown"; _sourceWeapon = ""; _distance = 0; _method = switch true do { case (_this select 1 != "find"): {_this select 1}; //Manually passed method case (dayz_lastDamageSource != "none" && diag_tickTime - dayz_lastDamageTime < 30): {dayz_lastDamageSource}; //Major event takes priority for cause of death (zombie, melee, shot, fell, etc.) case (dayz_lastMedicalSource != "none" && diag_tickTime - dayz_lastMedicalTime < 10): {dayz_lastMedicalSource}; //Starve, Dehyd, Sick default {"bled"}; //No other damage sources in last 30 seconds }; _ammo = if (count _this > 2) then {_this select 2} else {""}; if (!isNull _source) then { if (!isNull _body) then { _distance = round (_body distance _source); }; _sourceVehicleType = typeOf (vehicle _source); _sourceWeapon = currentWeapon _source; _sourceWeapon = switch true do { case (_ammo in ["PipeBomb","Mine","MineE"]): {_ammo}; case ({_sourceVehicleType isKindOf _x} count ["LandVehicle","Air","Ship"] > 0): {_sourceVehicleType}; case (_sourceWeapon == "Throw"): {(weaponState _source) select 3}; default {_sourceWeapon}; }; if (alive _source) then { _sourceName = if (isPlayer _source) then {name _source} else {"AI"}; } else { if (_source == _body) then {_sourceName = dayz_playerName;}; }; }; //Send Death Notice diag_log format["Player_Death: Body:%1 BodyName:%2 Infected:%3 SourceName:%4 SourceWeapon:%5 Distance:%6 Method:%7",_body,dayz_playerName,_infected,_sourceName,_sourceWeapon,_distance,_method]; PVDZ_plr_Death = [dayz_characterID,0,_body,_playerID,toArray dayz_playerName,_infected,toArray _sourceName,toArray _sourceWeapon,_distance,_method]; //Send name as array to avoid publicVariable value restrictions publicVariableServer "PVDZ_plr_Death"; _body setVariable ["deathType", if (_method == "suicide") then {"shot"} else {_method}, true]; if (!local _source && isPlayer _source && !(_body isKindOf "PZombie_VB")) then { //If corpse is a player zombie do not give killer a human or bandit kill //Values like humanity which were setVariabled onto player before death remain on corpse. _isBandit = (_body getVariable["humanity",0]) <= -2000; //_isBandit = (typeOf _body in ["Bandit1_DZ","BanditW1_DZ"]); //if you are a bandit or start first - player will not recieve humanity drop _punishment = (_isBandit or {_body getVariable ["OpenTarget",false]}); _humanityHit = 0; _realSource = effectiveCommander vehicle _source; if (!_punishment) then { //I'm "not guilty" - kill me and be punished _myKills = (_body getVariable ["humanKills",0]) * 33.3; // how many non bandit players have I (the dead player) killed? // punish my killer 2000 for shooting a surivor // but subtract 500 for each survivor I've murdered _humanityHit = -(2000 - _myKills); _kills = _realSource getVariable ["humanKills",0]; _realSource setVariable ["humanKills",(_kills + 1),true]; PVDZ_send = [_realSource,"Humanity",[_humanityHit,300]]; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_send"; } else { // im guilty kill me as bandit _killsV = _realSource getVariable ["banditKills",0]; _realSource setVariable ["banditKills",(_killsV + 1),true]; }; //Player kill rewards _killer = _realSource; _coins = _killer getVariable [Z_moneyVariable,0]; _coins = _coins + 250; // МЕНЯЕМ КОЛИЧЕСТВО ДЕНЕГ НА СВОЕ! _killer setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_coins,true]; PVDZ_send = [_killer,Z_moneyVariable,[_coins,250]]; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_send"; //Setup for study bodys. _body setVariable ["KillingBlow",[_realSource,_punishment],true]; }; disableSerialization; //Prevent client freezes _display = findDisplay 49; if (!isNull _display) then {_display closeDisplay 0;}; if (dialog) then {closeDialog 0;}; if (visibleMap) then {openMap false;}; disableUserInput true; [_body,20,true,_deathPos] call player_alertZombies; if (dayz_soundMuted) then {call player_toggleSoundMute;}; // hide icon before fadeSound 0.1 fadeSound 0; _body setVariable ["NORRN_unconscious", false, true]; _body setVariable ["unconsciousTime", 0, true]; _body setVariable ["USEC_isCardiac",false,true]; _body setVariable ["medForceUpdate",true,true]; _body setVariable ["bloodTaken", false, true]; _body setVariable ["startcombattimer", 0]; //remove combat timer on death _body setVariable ["inCombat", false, true]; r_player_unconscious = false; r_player_cardiac = false; dayz_autoRun = false; terminate dayz_musicH; terminate dayz_slowCheck; terminate dayz_monitor1; //Reset (just in case) //deleteVehicle dayz_playerTrigger; //disableUserInput false; r_player_dead = true; //Player is dead! 3 fadeSound 0; dayz_originalPlayer enableSimulation true; addSwitchableUnit dayz_originalPlayer; setPlayable dayz_originalPlayer; selectPlayer dayz_originalPlayer; _myGroup = group _body; [_body] joinSilent dayz_firstGroup; deleteGroup _myGroup; 80000 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; //Clear group tags 3 cutRsc ["default", "PLAIN",3]; 4 cutRsc ["default", "PLAIN",3]; _body setVariable["combattimeout", 0, true]; _animState = toLower (animationState _body); _animStateArray = toArray _animState; _animCheck = toString ([(_animStateArray select 0),(_animStateArray select 1),(_animStateArray select 2),(_animStateArray select 3)]); if ((_body == (vehicle _body)) && {_animState != "deadstate" && {_animCheck != "adth"}}) then { //fix running corpses - death anims begin with Adth [nil, _body, rSWITCHMOVE, ""] call RE; _body SWITCHMOVE ""; PVDZ_plr_SwitchMove = [_body,""]; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_plr_SwitchMove"; }; [_body,_camera,_deathPos] spawn { _body = _this select 0; _camera = _this select 1; _deathPos = _this select 2; waitUntil {camCommitted _camera}; _camera camSetPos [_deathPos select 0, (_deathPos select 1) + 2, 15]; _camera camCommit 4; uiSleep 5; 1 cutRsc [if (DZE_DeathScreen) then {"DeathScreen_DZE"} else {"DeathScreen_DZ"},"BLACK OUT",3]; playMusic "dayz_track_death_1"; uiSleep 2; for "_x" from 5 to 1 step -1 do { titleText [format[localize "str_return_lobby", _x], "PLAIN DOWN", 1]; uiSleep 1; }; PVDZ_Server_Simulation = [_body, false]; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_Server_Simulation"; _camera cameraEffect ["Terminate","BACK"]; camDestroy _camera; endMission "END1"; }; Готово!

      Не забываем менять пути до файлов в других скриптах. Например InfiSTAR (AH.sqf)

      Данный гайд подойдет и для Epoch 1051 если сделать о-о-очень маленькие корректировки.
      Просто смотрите на переменную, отвечающую за деньги Z_MoneyVariable и в каком месте надо прописывать.
    • By porch
      ребята помогите плис у меня такая проблема при пере заходе пропадают деньги со счёта
      за ране Вам спасибо.
    • By Atavis
      Здорова всем. Столкнулся с проблемой, при заходе нового игрока ему выдается 2500 хотя в configuration.sqf указано 30000. Может кто то сталкивался с таким?
      Altis life
    • By ZERONE
      Не сохраняются деньги в сейфах,после рестарта пропадают.Стоит ZSC 3.0.Мб есть где фикс искать?
    • By komix322
      В колонке BankSaldo поставь Default какой тебе нужен
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