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Terms of Service

Our rules


    1. It is forbidden to register nicknames with a Mat (including foreign ones), meaningless nicknames with an arbitrary set of letters, numbers, symbols, as well as use the same nicknames as moderators and administrators - accounts will be blocked.
    2. It is forbidden in chat, topics, signatures and profile statuses: swear, insult any users, write obscenities, swear words, and write in all other languages except English and Russian, write only in capital letters (Caps Lock), write posts in red (except for moderators and administrators), ask questions regarding the removal of the ban; use abusive slang, such as: "blah", "pzdc", "ska", etc. - is regarded as a curse, hidden curse, swearing.
    3. It is forbidden to advertise other sites (as well as in signatures), links to forums or similar information on the subject that is not related to our project; infringement of the rights of users according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and other legislation; discussion of hacking servers and harming users and forums.
      Exception: popularizing your game projects in the signature of your profile.
    4. It is forbidden to write meaningless answers (flood), ridiculous jokes (insulting), trolling (pressure on the user). For non-compliance, an instant penalty is required from reducing the reputation to a ban.
    5. It is forbidden to change the user's reputation without a reason.
    6. It is forbidden to ask for a reputation boost, including in private messages.
    7. It is forbidden to use violent avatars, pornographic avatars, swastikas or vandalism.
    8. It is forbidden to argue with moderators and administrators of the forum! It is also forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators.
    9. It is forbidden to discuss the same issue in different sections, in different topics, or duplicate topics and messages in different places of the forum (for constant non-compliance-ban).
    10. It is not necessary to answer in topics that violate the rules until the author of the topic corrects them.
    11. It is forbidden to use the chat to search for help, find staff for the project, and so on. For all this, there are sections of help, market, etc.


    1. The name of the topic should reveal the meaning of your question as much as possible.
    2. Images should be uploaded to our forum, not to image hosts.
    3. It is forbidden to use multiple colors in the message (or one for the entire message, except for the standard one), as well as to use a larger font than the standard one (the exception is the selection of titles in articles).
    4. Excessive use of italics, bold, and underlined fonts in normal responses is prohibited.
    5. Before creating a theme, make sure that the topic of the section is selected correctly.
    6. The name of the topic should make it clear what it is about. (for example: the subject "offer", and inside the description - > is immediately deleted).
    7. You can send a subject/message no more than 1 time within 24 hours.
    8. You don't need to try to ask all your questions in one topic. Especially if they are not related to each other.
    9. If there is a correct answer in the help topic, the author of the topic must select this answer (the menu to the left of the answer itself).


    • Spam, advertising - Ban forever (100 warning points)
    • Obscenities, insults - 25 warning points (removed after 180 days)
    • Signature abuse - 50 warning points (removed after 60 days)
    • Asocial behavior - 50 points (points are saved forever)
    • Excessive lifting of themes - 10 points (60 days)
    • Meaningless post (for example ".lol*") - 10 points (60 days)
    • Creating a topic in an inappropriate section - 20 points (60 days)
    • Illegal distribution of licensed SOFTWARE-Ban forever (100 warning points)
    • No theme design where necessary (Spoilers, codes, etc.) - 20 points (60 days)
    • Excessive use of bb codes, colors, etc. - 20 points (60 days)
    • Adding images to photo hosting, not to the forum when creating a topic - 30 points (60 days)
    • Offer your services (even for free), as well as any other Commerce - 50 points (points are saved forever) - help people directly in the topic with the question asked, or use the "Market" section"
    • Requests like "make me build\launcher\server" (except "market") - 50 points (points are saved forever)
    • Filling out the market topic out of the form - 30 points (30 days)
    • Posting a question/problem/job offer in the chat - 20 points (30 days)
    • The author of the question did not choose the best answer of the topic in the help (if the question is solved) - 20 points (60 days)


    Job description of the forum moderator



    • Keep the forum clean. Delete posts that don't make sense (type "."or" Ahahah, lol"). Issue warnings to users using a special module for violations from the forum's penalty list, as well as correct errors in the user's message (for which a warning was issued).
    • Develop topics and sections in which you are a moderator.
    • Add at least 2 files/articles/guides per week (depending on the section you are moderating)
    • Irregularity
    • Systematic failure to perform their immediate duties
    • Abuse of authority
    • Issue a warning by going to the offender's profile and clicking on the number of points for the avatar
    • Fix the intruder's message
    • Report the correction and issue a warning in the subject, or at the bottom of the message itself with the violation using special. code in the text editing panel ("warning from the moderator")
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