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Привет, заморочился с крафтом но упёрся в проблему, не могу заставить магазин после покраски спавниться с тем же количеством патронов. Подскажи где ошибка в написании.


class CMAG_od40_TanV extends RecipeBase
    override void Init()
        m_Name = "Покрасить в жёлтый";
        m_IsInstaRecipe = false;//should this recipe be performed instantly without animation
        m_AnimationLength = 1;//animation length in relative time units
        m_Specialty = 0.01;// value > 0 for roughness, value < 0 for precision
        m_MinDamageIngredient[0] = -1;//-1 = disable check
        m_MaxDamageIngredient[0] = 3;//-1 = disable check
        m_MinQuantityIngredient[0] = 25;//-1 = disable check
        m_MaxQuantityIngredient[0] = -1;//-1 = disable check
        m_MinDamageIngredient[1] = -1;//-1 = disable check
        m_MaxDamageIngredient[1] = 3;//-1 = disable check
        m_MinQuantityIngredient[1] = -1;//-1 = disable check
        m_MaxQuantityIngredient[1] = -1;//-1 = disable check
        //ingredient 1
        InsertIngredient(0,"MoreSpraycan_Yellow");//you can insert multiple ingredients this way
        m_IngredientAddHealth[0] = 0;// 0 = do nothing
        m_IngredientSetHealth[0] = -1; // -1 = do nothing
        m_IngredientAddQuantity[0] = -20;// 0 = расход баллона
        m_IngredientDestroy[0] = false;//true = destroy, false = do nothing
        m_IngredientUseSoftSkills[0] = true;// set 'true' to allow modification of the values by softskills on this ingredient
        //ingredient 2
        InsertIngredient(1,"Mag_CMAG_40Rnd");//you can insert multiple ingredients this way

        m_IngredientAddHealth[1] = 0;// 0 = do nothing
        m_IngredientSetHealth[1] = -1; // -1 = do nothing
        m_IngredientAddQuantity[1] = 0;// 0 = do nothing
        m_IngredientDestroy[1] = true;// false = do nothing
        m_IngredientUseSoftSkills[1] = false;// set 'true' to allow modification of the values by softskills on this ingredient
        AddResult("Mag_CMAG_40Rnd_sand");//add results here

        m_ResultSetFullQuantity[0] = false;//true = set full quantity, false = do nothing
        m_ResultSetQuantity[0] >= 2;//-1 = do nothing
        m_ResultSetHealth[0] = -1;//-1 = do nothing
        m_ResultInheritsHealth[0] = 2;// (value) == -1 means do nothing; a (value) >= 0 means this result will inherit health from ingredient number (value);(value) == -2 means this result will inherit health from all ingredients averaged(result_health = combined_health_of_ingredients / number_of_ingredients)
        m_ResultInheritsColor[0] = -1;// (value) == -1 means do nothing; a (value) >= 0 means this result classname will be a composite of the name provided in AddResult method and config value "color" of ingredient (value)
        m_ResultToInventory[0] = -2;//(value) == -2 spawn result on the ground;(value) == -1 place anywhere in the players inventory, (value) >= 0 means switch position with ingredient number(value)
        m_ResultUseSoftSkills[0] = false;// set 'true' to allow modification of the values by softskills on this result
        m_ResultReplacesIngredient[0] = -1;// value == -1 means do nothing; a value >= 0 means this result will transfer item propertiesvariables, attachments etc.. from an ingredient value

    override bool CanDo(ItemBase ingredients[], PlayerBase player)//final check for recipe's validity
        return true;

    override void Do(ItemBase ingredients[], PlayerBase player,array<ItemBase> results, float specialty_weight)//gets called upon recipe's completion
        Debug.Log("Recipe Do method called","recipes");


Edited by 123new
вставка кода в обязательный тег для его вставки (see edit history)

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m_ResultSetQuantity[0] = -1;//-1 = do nothing

попробуй так изменить строку, а то у тебя в ней какая-то фигня написана))

Edited by 123new (see edit history)

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